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Frequently Asked Questions

Eazyer.com is a local business, information, and deals site with a twist. Not only do we offer deals from local merchants, we also have listings of businesses, allowing you to post and see reviews, business hours, locations, and more. Earn points and credits from deal purchases, and get more back in rewards that similar sites.
Visit us at Eazyer.com® and click sign up on the homepage at the top right.
You will need to enter in your name, email, birth date*, and create a password.

*must be at least 18 years old to have an account with Eazyer.com®.
Our annual subscriptions for our Premium and Platinum Members does come with a 100% money back guarantee.
If you do not save (in the terms of purchased deals) or earned in the form of incentives/rewards (Members Pool, Cruise Giveaway, Credit Bank, Points for Gift Cards, etc.) by the end of your subscription year, we will give refund the full cost of your annual membership in the form of an Eazyer.com® VISA® debit card.
We are currently in the development stages of our mobile app. We are creating our app for the iOS market first and expect to launch it in early spring. Our Android app is expected to launch early to mid-summer.
In the meantime, our Eazyer.com® is also designed as a "Responsive" website so it can be viewed and used on any device.
Absolutely not! 100% of our payments are encrypted, secure and routed through Authorize.net®.
Your ARB (Automated Recurring Billing) and deal purchases are processed through Authorize.net®.
When you log into your account, from there you can go to your profile and edit/update your information at any time.
Every 3 months we randomly draw a Members name for our Quarterly Cruise Giveaway. That Member wins a $5,000 credit toward a cruise aboard Carnival® Cruise Lines, in which you have a full year to use.
That credit can be used for multiple cruises, cabins, shore excursions, drink/meal packages, and more.
You get points (based on your subscription level) for all your activity on Eazyer.com®, such as purchases, posting reviews, and sharing on Social Media.
The points you earn can be used for extra entries into our Weekly and Monthly Drawings, as well as our Quarterly Cruise Giveaway.
You can also redeem points for gift cards from a variety of local and national businesses.
Every time you purchase a deal, a percentage (based on your subscription level) goes into your Credit Bank.
Credits can be redeemed toward deal purchases, or an Eazyer.com® VISA debit card.
My Circle is our referral program. When you refer someone to Eazyer.com®, they become part of your Circle.
Anytime someone in your Circle does anything that they get points and credits for, you get points and credits as well!
The best part is, that unlike similar sites, there are no limits to how many points and credits you can earn from those you refer.
Community Pool - A percentage of every deal purchased nation-wide goes into the Community Pool.
At the end of each month, a member will be randomly drawn, and given the opportunity to choose where to donate the proceeds. Click here for video

Member Pool - An accumulation of deal purchases nation-wide. Each time the pool reaches $500, we randomly draw a members name to win a $500 VISA® debit card, that can be used anywhere. Click here for video
Merchants you’ve saved in your favorites will send you updates and special deals, which will appear in your message center and/or in the email updates.
Members can receive a refund on an unredeemed and unprinted deal purchases 3 days after they purchased the deal on our site.
Members can cancel their monthly subscription 3 days after their membership purchase by calling us at 1-800-928-1938 and a customer service representative will be able to assist you with that.
Members can cancel their yearly subscription 14 days after their membership purchase by calling us at 1-800-928-1938 and a customer service representative will be able to assist you with that.
Under the deals tab in the profile section, you can view deals you’ve purchased and print the deal from there.
This feature is so we can better customize deals for you in and around the city you are in to enhance your user experience.
The number of entries a member receives is based off their subscription level.
As Eazyer.com® continues to grow, the $500 Members Pool will happen more frequently (even multiple times per week). Because of this, there will not be enough time to for Members to redeem points for extra entries.
If you choose a monthly subscription, you will be billed the same day each month from the date that you signed up.
If you choose an annual subscription, you will be billed the same day each year from the date that you signed up.