Company Overview

Money today does not go as far as it used to. Saving money has become more important. It’s no easy task to find deals on everything you need, let alone in one place. We understand the importance of this concept, and have discovered a way to provide the most savings possible, all under one roof. It is our goal to make your life EAZYER than ever! is a privately held "Daily Deals," directory listings, and reviews company. Think of other sites that offer "Daily Deals," listings and reviews; then think about what they could change that would make your experience more rewarding. We are determined to provide the latest and greatest deals and incentives to suit our Members’ needs, and deliver the best customer service possible to our both our Merchants and Members. As we are expanding across the nation, we are reaching new Consumers and Merchants every day.

Eazyer offers Merchants the ability to offer discounted Deals to Members. Merchants will have the benefit of having both a dedicated, ad free Listing and Profile Page on the site. We also offer enhanced packages, allowing us to tailor our services to your exact needs and budget. We help local Merchants reach more customers, increasing business and community development.

Our Members have exclusive access to the best possible deals, no matter where they are. Multiple subscription packages are available for our members as well, which provide additional monthly entries into our rewards and giveaways. With unique features like our points system, Community Pool, and Members Pool, our Members’ experience with is now more rewarding and exclusive.

Here at Eazyer, we’re a team of dedicated and energetic individuals. We have searched every nook and cranny to provide drool-worthy steals, and help you save money! No need to think twice before stepping into a store again! With Eazyer, take comfort in knowing that not only are you getting the best possible deal on all your needs, but you’re actively helping your local businesses and community grow!

With our location based services, we can provide you with the best possible deals, no matter where you are! So whether you’re on the go and need a deal fast, on vacation in a new place, or simply relaxing at home, is there to meet all of your needs.

Here at, we take pride in our culture. Our core values have been an integral part of our success. They are a reflection of what is important to us as a team and a business. Take a moment to browse, sign up, and start benefiting from instant rewards today!